Using veMPH

Acquiring veMPH

To acquire veMPH, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Provide liquidity to the the 80/20 MPH/WETH Balancer pool on Ethereum.

  2. Then visit the 88mph Gauge page to lock the 80/20 MPH/WETH BPT to get veMPH. In doing so, you'll need to choose your lock period. The longer you lock, the more veMPH and voting power you get, but the longer you must wait to unlock your BPT.

Topping up an existing veMPH lock

You can lock additional BPTs on the Gauge page to increase an existing veMPH balance by entering an amount of BPTs and by clicking on the Add to Lock button.

Extending veMPH Lock Period

To extend your lock time, go to the Gauge page and follow the same process as locking your 80/20 MPH/WETH BPT; this time, however, you do not need to provide additional 80/20 MPH/WETH BPT; instead, enter a lock value in the Lock Duration field and click on the Increase Lock Duration button to extend your lock period and acquire more veMPH.

Reclaiming Your MPH/WETH BPT

On the Gauge page, click the Withdraw button in the "BPT Unlocked" card to start unlocking your BPT from expired veMPH.

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