mint(uint256 depositAmount) → uint256 mintedAmount (external)

Mint zero coupon bonds by depositing depositAmount stablecoins. @param depositAmount The amount to deposit for minting zero coupon bonds @return mintedAmount The amount of bonds minted

withdrawDeposit() (external)

Withdraws the underlying deposit from the DInterest pool.

redeem(uint256 amount, bool withdrawDepositIfNeeded) (external)

Redeems zero coupon bonds 1-for-1 for the underlying stablecoins. @param amount The amount of zero coupon bonds to burn @param withdrawDepositIfNeeded True if withdrawDeposit() should be called if needed, false otherwise (to save gas)

withdrawDepositNeeded() → bool (external)

Checks whether withdrawDeposit() needs to be called. @return True if withdrawDeposit() should be called, false otherwise.

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