Gauges are contracts that determine how MPH rewards are allocated and facilitate their distribution.


MPH rewards emissions are distributed among different Gauges according to veMPH voting. All veMPH voting happens on Ethereum mainnet. veMPH holders can vote for one or more Gauges here, choosing the percentage of their voting power to allocate to a specific Gauge.

Dividing a pool's MPH rewards among depositors

Their share of the MPH rewards scales with their proportional deposit amount in that pool. Similar to a traditional staking pool, the higher the % of shares owned in that pool, the bigger the MPH rewards amount received is. The users can claim their MPH rewards on the Gauge page.

Notes: unlike Curve or Balancer, there is no additional veMPH boost.

How are Gauges Deployed for a Pool?

Governance has the power to authorize new gauge deployment via the standard governance process.

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