v 3.0

  • Withdraw partially, roll over, top up your existing fixed-interest rate deposits.

  • A more generous fixed-interest rate for deposits with a short duration, and a more conservative rate for the long duration.

  • MPH rewards are vested linearly over the deposit duration and are transferrable NFT.

  • Stake MPH for xMPH, earn protocol’s revenues via our bi-weekly buy-back mechanism, and voting rights.

  • No more MPH payback mechanism when users withdraw their deposits.

  • Introducing a 0.5% early withdrawal fee; distributed to the MPH stakers.

  • Floating rate bonds are now called Yield Tokens (YT), a new per-deposit system, where a user can choose to fund a fraction of the debt of any individual deposit, regardless of order.

  • YT are fungible ERC-20/ERC-1155 tokens.

  • YT interest payout is triggered whenever a portion of the deposit funded is withdrawn, or when someone manually triggers a payout using DInterest.payInterestToFunders().

  • As a developer; interacting with the protocol is easier than ever. There are tons of accountancy burdens removed, help functions, and simple improvements to make an integration with 88mph as easy as building with Compound or Aave.

  • The solvency of each pool can now be managed dynamically by harvesting a % of a pool’s surplus and be redirected to another pool; future release will allow xMPH holders to govern the pool’s parameters.

  • One last thing, you can add creative value to a deposit by attaching whatever metadata you want (88mph deposits are ERC-721 tokens).